By , December 28, 2010 3:15 pm

One of the development mandates of CARR is to enable socio economically backward people fight against poverty and hunger keeping abreast with all sorts of development endeavours in their localities with assured contribution through their participation.

Keeping eye on its vision – the organization has been up keeping its manifested efforts in steadfast manner over the year ever since —— focusing on involvement of those resource poor people who are either deprived of or are in the clinch of disadvantage and are unable to develop despite concurrent efforts with utmost sincerity in their day to day life all along.

From its long association with the people of its operational area and its perception towards the life and livelihood of disadvantaged and deprived mass – the organization has accultured a lot through multifarious activities which either way touches to their life and livelihood in most congenial manner without hampering and damaging their natural set up.

Some of the prime most efforts of CARR has as yet left lasting impressions in the mind of people as well have pursued development initiatives for need based and area specific interventions in catalyst manner boosting the development spirit among all – including stakeholders at all levels.

Over the years – CARR has made a number of area specific interventions which includes Agriculture Promotion, Environment Protection, Forest Managements, Natural Resource Management, Livelihood Promotion etc. with emphasis on development of the backward and marginalized people which has been highly appreciated by different groups of people and rather donors of State and National level  – that has not only boosted the morale of the organization but also have accelerated the development process at grass roots level in more holistic manner.


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